These were the highlights of my day. I'm sort of ashamed to say it.

1. Literally staying up all night watching videos of IM5 on my phone
2. Finding an interview I didn't know they had done...
3. Rewatching videos from Pop Explosion last November and remembering how mad I am at Cole for being so hot
4. Finding a worm on the ground
5. Taking a picture of that worm I found for no apparent reason
6. Skipping down the driveway in my high-heeled boots(I don't recommend this sport to anyone who has a history of being a clutz)
7. Almost falling off my bed because I laughed so hard at Dana singing old Kidzbop songs
8. Falling off my bed because I didn't see where the end was

This list shows just how pathetic my life has become.

NO BULL Guys Interview with IM5!09:38

NO BULL Guys Interview with IM5!


This is the interview I didn't know they had done.

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