This is all the random stuff of I've found or that they've posted.

IM5 loves everything about..03:25

IM5 loves everything about...


Beautiful fail, Will... xD

IM5 "training"-002:14

IM5 "training"-0


The song they're singing is "Santa Homie" and, as far as I know, they've only sang it at one show. I think you can tell why...

I love Dana's fall at the end!

IM5 Harlem Shake01:35

IM5 Harlem Shake

Cole... ;)

What We've Been Doing Lately!-100:50

What We've Been Doing Lately!-1

"Oh, I have to cover up my beverage."
"What is that beverage?"

IM5 Answers Your Questions!06:33

IM5 Answers Your Questions!


"I like 5ers..."
"I don't know why, I just have something with Wednesdays..."
"Oh, he was so excited he had to elbow his face!"
"The 5ers on Pluto are really hot."
"Bye, I'm Dalton!"

IM5 & Bella Thorne Rehearse "Can't Stay Away"02:02

IM5 & Bella Thorne Rehearse "Can't Stay Away"


Is it just my computer screen, or did Cole's face get a little red during the second chorus?

EXCLUSIVE WATCH a Preview of Bella and IM5's TCA Dance Rehearsal Footage!04:38

EXCLUSIVE WATCH a Preview of Bella and IM5's TCA Dance Rehearsal Footage!


Ok, just a note: For everyone saying that Bella and Cole would look really cute together, in MY opinion, Cole and Dalton are even cuter together! ;) COLTON!!!!

IM5 do Gotye & Kimbra!01:00

IM5 do Gotye & Kimbra!


Forget Colton, I ship Wole! Or would it be Coll?

Kenzee 04:53, April 5, 2013 (UTC)

OMG Cole reblogged this on tumblr and I FREAKED OUT!!!! It's so perfect!


And this is a picture one of the boys tweeted(I can't remember who).. that I've modified... if you don't get the joke, look at 13:00-13:29 in their UStream on November 2, 2012. ;)

IM5 we're the kings get us 5 crowns

So... I failed and put the text on BEFORE I put the crowns on. Whatever, it's still perfect, right? ;)

<- Cole Pendery "Suit & Tie" featuring IM5. 

Kenzee 22:22, April 10, 2013 (UTC)

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