This is what IM5 uses as their basic introduction on all the websites they have accounts on, such as Youtube.

"Like their name suggests, IM5 is an exciting new musical act comprised of five very different boys sharing a love of entertaining. Brought together by showbiz vets Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton, IM5 has been a band for over a year now, undergoing intensive vocal and dance training. They are currently working on their debut album and fine-tuning their live performances.... Stay tuned!"

We do not own this writing.

From left to right: Will, Cole, Dalton, Gabe, Dana

"IM5" Debut Performance at Youth Rock Awards (12 7 2011)-004:03

"IM5" Debut Performance at Youth Rock Awards (12 7 2011)-0

Debut on December 7, 2011

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