"Close Your Eyes"03:29

"Close Your Eyes"

The official lyric video for this song should be coming out soon, but for right now I think this will satisfy our need for new music!?!?

Welcome to the IM5band WikiEdit

This wiki is for all those 5ers out there who want to know more about IM5! Anyone can edit a page or add pictures or videos! We (Bella and Kenzee) made this for you. Bella made this wiki and Kenzee just joined to start making this wiki come into shape. There aren't that many 5ers where we live but IM5 has still come really far since their debut on December 7, 2011.

Latest ActivityEdit

Did you hear about IM5's song with Toddrick Hall? No? Well, we have the video right here! :D

Disney Dudez06:10

Disney Dudez

Oh, and bloopers? Yeah, we got those, too.

Disney Dudez - bloopers02:52

Disney Dudez - bloopers


Before IM5Edit

  • Dana was in Kidzbop with (this freaked us out) Ross Lynch!
  • Dalton was the lead singer and bass guitar player in a band called Fly Away Hero
  • Will won a talent show and was in a group with (guess who?) Ross Lynch!
  • Cole was on a soccer team
  • Gabe was in a group with (man, this guy is everywhere) Ross Lynch!

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